Can you add something to the spell checker?

OI isn’t recognized in the spell checker, while RC is. :slight_smile:


Heh, and while we’re requesting, why not CMU and BACKBOT (first two I could think of).

…for that matter, why isn’t “heh” in the dictionary? :rolleyes:

think that IFI could also be added to the spell check list?
I would owe you an extra hug at the web hug if you could put it in :smiley: would use any excuse to get to meet Amanda Morrison :smiley:


… added.


… not added.

(oh, Amanda, adding words to the spell checker dictionary has been broke since the server move, as not-broke as it has seemed…)


Ok, I realize this thread is a few months old, but there isn’t really a better place for this:

Could someone add “Firefox” to the dictionary? Thanks!

No problem.

Firefox is now added.

Speaking of spell check… is there any way to make it skip url’s? When I post a url, it goes and tries to fix a bunch of “words” it thinks are wrong in it.

Any way to skip everything beginnning with http:// ?

Not sure … it’s not something I wrote, just a 3rd-party add-on for vBulletin. I’ll have to look at it and see what I can do.

How about adding FIRSTcast and fixing the “Matt Krass” check, it doesn’t properly resolve to “God of All”.

Any chance of getting KOP added?

Does it at least default to “inflated ego”?

KOP and FIRSTcast are added.


DEKA added

How about Krispy Kreme? Hard to discuss FIRST or Epsilon Delta without it.

How about adding Mecanum and AndyMark as well?

I just noticed PID isn’t there either, that be a good addition too.

Adding Krispy Kreme PID Mecanum and AndyMark

How about JVN?