Can you build as many robots as you want?

I know my team would probably never do it, but can you build two robots and send them to two regionals during the same weekend??? I just was curious after reading this post

Also if you can how many people would actually take advanyage of that?

nope, you can only build one robot for competition. some build another after they ship off their comp. robot to practice with. i don’t see why you would want to in the first place. we get burnt out enough after the first 6 weeks.

The only rules that are stated about related issue is that you can only use robots/components you fabricate during the 6 week period for competition… and you can only put one robot on the field at one time due to size limit.

So, if you want to, and have enough resources and man power, then I suppose you can build however many robot parts you want. You can build different “components” of the robot, and the rules allow you to put those components on the robot one at a time and put that robot in the field, if that paticular configuration have been inspected by judges. I remember this because years before we have to put every components on the robot for inspection, and you can only use the ones you can fit on the robot all together.

So you can build components with different fuctions, or just replacement parts… as long as it’s during 6 week and competition time, but I think during competition time you are restricted to use parts manufactured in the pit.

Even if you build 2 or more robots in the 6 weeks, you are only allowed to enter one.

Last year (2001), team 294 built two different robots during the 6 weeks. One was a limbo, goal puller/balancer, and the other one had a ball manipulator of some sort. They asked FIRST if they could enter both of them and were told no.

They ended up entering the limbo bot and didn’t do too bad, won a regional and the national championship :wink:

A second identical robot is a real help.
We built a second robot and used it to practice with.
We also used the second robot to develope our auto-balance program. Than when we got to the Nats we just downloaded the perfected program.

Wayne Doenges