Can you climb another robot?

Title says it all.

Only if they are intersecting the rendezvous point.

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G13. Don’t climb on each other unless at the RENDEZVOUS POINT. A ROBOT may not be fully supported by a partner ROBOT unless the partner ROBOT’S BUMPERS are intersecting its RENDEZVOUS POINT.

This is why we need a discourse rules bot plugin.


Do you think we will see robot’s lifting each other? I think since the hanging bar is swinging lifting won’t be such a viable option

Yes, but probably not too many. The 12 inch extension rule makes this a lot more difficult than in recent games.

I am pretty sure that 148’s robowranger from 2018 was under 12".


148 doing something does not prove that it isn’t difficult.


Correct :sweat_smile:, plus in 2018 you didn’t have a bar to balance, lifting a robot while keeping the bar balanced seems nearly impossible to me (plus there is the extension limit GeeTwo mentioned), I seriously doubt robots will lift each other, however we saw crazy things in the past so…

The new cheesecake rules make the 148 robot wrangler questionable in 2020.


Remains relevant


I1. It’s your team’s ROBOT. The ROBOT and its MAJOR MECHANISMS must be built by the FIRST Robotics Competition team.
A MAJOR MECHANISM is a group of COMPONENTS and/or MECHANISMS assembled together to address at least one (1) game challenge: robot movement, game piece control, field element manipulation, or performance of a scorable task.

Blue Box:

I1 requires that the ROBOT and its MAJOR MECHANISMS were built by its team, but isn’t intended to prohibit or discourage assistance from other teams (e.g. fabricating elements, supporting construction, writing software, developing game strategy, contributing COMPONENTS and/or MECHANISMS, etc.)
Examples of MAJOR MECHANISMS include, but are not limited to, assemblies listed below:

  • a. an assembly used to manipulate a game piece
  • b. an assembly used to position a ROBOT for an end game task
  • c. an assembly used to manipulate a FIELD element
  • d. an assembly used to move the ROBOT around the FIELD

Examples that would generally not be considered MAJOR MECHANISMS, and thus probably aren’t subject to I1 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • a. a gearbox assembly
  • b. a COMPONENT or MECHANISM that’s part of a MAJOR MECHANISM
  • c. COTS items

Neither I1 nor the language in its Blue Box define specific thresholds for how much of a MAJOR MECHANISM must be the result of the team’s effort. I1 expects and requires the team’s honest assessment of whether they built the MAJOR MECHANISMS of their ROBOT.
Attempts to exploit loopholes in the definition of MAJOR MECHANISM in order to bypass this requirement are not in the spirit of I1 or the FIRST Robotics Competition. Examples of exploitation include:

  • a. assembling pieces of a MAJOR MECHANISM provided by another team
  • b. receiving a mostly complete MAJOR MECHANISM from another team and providing a small piece

Because pushing Ctrl-F in a pdf is just too hard.


Time could be better spent.

It would be very nice for future readers to be able to see rules referenced directly in the discussion, and it would make discussions better informed if people are more easily able to reference rules in real time. Anything that makes it easier to have a well informed discussion is a good thing.


What about just giving teams strip(s) of vleco to attach to their bot?

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Not gonna lie, the neon blue highlight makes this very hard to read on mobile

Edit: Thanks! That’s 1 million times better!

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Actually, it was cyan, intended to reflect the blue box, and it looks great on a monitor. However, as I have long been a proponent of accessible content, I have removed the highlighting and marked the blue box more crudely but still clearly.

I was thinking having a bar that drops down underneath the robot when you climb. You would get all the points necessary for the ranking point if you climbed in the middle, since I think it would stay level. The concern is the height. With only 5ft 3in to work with, both robots would have to be very short and have reliable climbers. The upside to this would be immense since balancing two robots will be extremely difficult.

Yes, in fact it was right around -4" less than 12".
Also known as slightly under 16" outside the frame perimeter.