Can you cross line during sandstorm?

Is there anyway that you can cross the alliance line and play defense during the sandstorm period?

G3. No defense. During the SANDSTORM PERIOD, a ROBOT may not cross the FIELD such that its BUMPERS break the plane defined by their opponent’s CARGO SHIP LINE.

Violation: TECH FOUL

I suggest you read the manual in full so you don’t miss any other important rules.


Agreed. Remember that a Tech Foul essentially wipes out two scored Cargo with their Hatch Panels, or a Level 2 and Level 1 climb. That’s a pretty stiff penalty to put it mildly.

And yet… I have a feeling that somebody’s going to get one in quite a few early-season events, because they didn’t have their auto programmed to stop and then missed the Cargo Ship and the Rocket. Happens every year.

One of my best memories of my first competition was when, at the start of our first practice match, our robot tore out from its starting position, zoomed across the field at full speed, and slammed head on into the opposing alliance wall (luckily, there was no robot there). In our case, we had told the robot to stop, but our distance measurements were off by a factor of 10.


This happened to us - can’t recall the season. Robot on opposite side went all the way across the field at full speed and slammed into the alliance wall at our drive station. It knocked all of our equipement to the floor. We spent the first 20-30 seconds of teleop reconstructing the station.

That’s more of an existential question.

Can you cross the line during sandstorm?
Of course you can there is no physical barrier other than the cable protector (I think that thing is going to ground a lot of bots)

The better question is: Should you?


What Sam said

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