Can you customize the driver station?

Is there anyway to change the layout of the driver station or add things like a meter that monitors air pressure? Also, once a code is finished, do you have to keep deploying it through the robot or is there a way to compile and create a quicker deployment process. So I suppose the real question is, once you think you are done, how do you go about preparing your code for competition? Thank you!


The Driver Station is hard coded, and cannot be changed. The Dashboard, however, can be customized however you would like. Just create a new FRC Dashboard Project from the Getting Started window, and customize away! Here is a link to help you get started customizing the Dashboard.

To keep code on your robot permanently - as it should be, especially for competition - follow these steps:

At the bottom of your project explorer, you will see “Build Specifications” with a little drop down arrow to the left of it. Click this plus sign to show “FRC Robot Boot-Up Deployment”.
Right click on “FRC Robot Boot-Up Deployment” and select “Build”.
After the build is completed, right click again and this time select “Run as Startup”.

If there is code already loaded onto the robot, you will see what looks like an error screen with a bunch of yellow boxes next to the VI’s you just made. This is simply warning you that those VI’s are currently running on the cRIO, and you are about to overwrite them. Click “OK” and wait for the process to complete. Reboot the controller when prompted and your code will be permanently on the controller.