Can you explain the diameter measurements used in bullets, wire and nails?

just thought this might intrest some ppl in the technical department. :slight_smile:

Well, i know that gage 1 wire is not engough thickness to power the lights i installed in my car :). (hint: i now have burned carpet)

What they don’t tell you is that the bullet info is only good for rifles and pistols. Shotguns have their own system. (The number, or gauge of a shotgun is the number of lead balls the size of the barrel it takes to equal a pound. So a 12-gauge is larger than a 20-gauge.) And some rifles have odd sizes and numbers. (I know of an 8 mm magnum.)
This site has only basic info, if you want more, try their links or do an Internet search.

I find that very hard to believe. Welders (and fairly large high current ones) often use 1 gauge wire. Did you leave out a zero and mean 10 gauge wire? If not, what exactly are the lights you have and what exactly happened with this wire?