can you help me understand

I am new to labview this year and have a few questions. there are no problems with a electrical we need to run a test with a joystick to see how are arm will work and nothing seems to be working correctly.if you have any solutions please let me know.

What problems do you specifically have?

when code is deployed we get no response from the movement of the joysticks. also we also get twitching from jaguars when the code is enabled

You need to declare the arm motors are four separate motor controllers - Not a robot drive.

Thank you we were just about to test that

Does your Arm really use 4 motor tank drive?

In LabVIEW, right click to get to the functions palette. At the very bottom is the WPI Robotics Library. Then go to Actuators, then Motors. Replace all of the ‘Drive’ code for the Arm with ‘Motor’ code.

Also, please be more descriptive. How does the system work? Does PWM 3, 4, 5, and 6 really go to the Arm? What problems are you having? What works? What doesn’t work?

Should look like the following in your




The first thing I see is you are using a 4 motor “Drive” for an arm. This begs the question, “Why?”.
Are you using 4 motors to power the arm?
Is each one doing something different?

You might want to consider using a single motor class and “Y” cable(s) to have multiple motors doing the same thing.

See above, they beat me to it.

Thanks for the help i really do appreciate it.