Can You Help Me?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas on how to raise money. My funds are a little low, and it looks like i will have to do something to raise the extra money.

Does ne1 have any ideas on what I could do or sell to raise some money to fund my way to Nationals?

Thank You,

-Greg The Great

Throw a big party and bring in some local bands! thats what my team is gonna do!

I was wondering, throwing a big party, doesnt that just cost u money???


-Greg The Great

My team, 1108, is a rookie team this year. We started with a 10,000 dollar grant from nasa. But we have raised over 10,000 on top of that. We did this by aggressively seeking sponsors in our community of 5000. It helped because are school’s endowment society gave us 1000 and schools to career gave us 1000. We also got a 3500 grant from another local memorial fund devoted to education. The best way to get money is to ask. Have a reason you need it, aka to go to national, and make a presentation to people with money. We have also begun a raffle with items we have got donated, including a gps unit( one of are engineers works at Garmin). We have raised 700 dollars by taking the ticket around our city and using the edubot as a tool to draw interest.

Ok, something like that makes sence.

I think, that I was a little broad in my topic. I only have to raise the money I need to pay for my way to Nationals.

I like the raffle idea.

That way if I charged like a dollar a ticket, i would only have to sell a few hundred to raise the money to go to nationals.

I apprichate the ideas.

Thank You

-Greg The Great

Ask your school permission to set up a dance. If you sell tickets at like $35 apiece, you can easily make $5000 (after the setting up costs, etc you can probably make 3000-4000) if 150 people go to it.

The way i see it, we are a district. Team Hammond #71, as if you dont know us, lol. SO we have 4 schools, that way we only have to sell the tix, for like 10 dollars and still make a ton.

-Greg The Great

Just ask for donations by local stores/people. I asked 3 people and made a total of $25. Pure profit. I plan on asking many more people and hitting up local stores. Some people on my team have paid for their trip by doing only that.

What did u just go up to them, and say, “Hey, give me some money”?

How did you go about getting the money from the ppl, and did you give them reciepts??


-Greg The Great

I don’t think that going up to people is the smartest idea.

You’re probably better off asking your school for permission to hold a dance or another activity. It brings in the most profit.

Considering that your team is a combination of 4 different schools, you can easily expect 250+ people to show up to the dances, or rock concert, or whatever other event you have. Going to companies and asking for sponsors isn’t very effective especially if you don’t have inside connections. Plus with this economy, not many companies would want to donate. It might be our poor fundraising system, but most of our donors this year are parents and not “sponsors”, so it’s a good idea to think of other ways than depend on companies to provide the money.

When I was on Team Hammond, I worked throughout the season carrying out groceries at Strack and Van Til’s. I didn’t work a whole lot of hours, but during the weekends, I worked odd hours and ended up with enough to pay my own fare to Mr. Pernick.

My answer: Get a job, get enough money, quit. =)

Hey Greg my name is Dallas from team 513 we raised money to go to Houston last year by selling Candy Bars. It worked try it

try hot chocolate,coffee,giant pickles,Or make a
street number set and paint house # on curbs tell why you need $ and then ask for a donation.also dinners during plays at school.good luck:)

*Originally posted by GregTheGreat *
**What did u just go up to them, and say, “Hey, give me some money”?
How did you go about getting the money from the ppl, and did you give them reciepts??

I’ve learned the magic of asking. Check out the White Papers Fundraising

We got $50 from a local car dealer, $100 from our family’s oral surgeon, $1000 from my husband’s employer, $1000 from Kiwanis, $235 from Unity Church…

Hi this is team 1126 SparX. What we did is that we collected bottles and cans to raise money. We put out flyers and gave out bags and a week later we came back and collected it all.(Its also a good way to get your name out to the community) All in all we raised about $1,600. It was a great success.

SparX… if I’m not mistaken, you can’t get the 5¢ per can in Indiana that you can in New York (or the 10¢ in Michigan).

In states that do have bottle deposits, a big haul can be made. I’ve seen $500+ on a few occaisons working over a small neighborhood. But in Indiana, that won’t do anything.

My best suggestion, is get a school-sponsored sale, such as Candy Bars, and gather a few team members to be sellers. Take them to classes (if your school allows it) and sell.

If someone has a good size basement to their house, get a local band to play a show there. 3 friend’s band played a basement show in a small basement. Charged $1 per head for the whole show, ended up with $200+. (Money went to house owner because she flipped out when she heard how many people might be showing up though)