Can You help us??? (programming questions)

We would like to know a few things. First, Are there any default variables that we can use?? if so what are they?? Second, Where are all of the variables for the program defined??? Thanks!!

besides the control variables ( that should only change loop-to-loop ) first has not made you any variables. you put any variables you want in the user_routines.c file in the section right under where it sais

/* EXAMPLES: (see MPLAB C18 User's Guide, p.9 for all types)
unsigned char wheel_revolutions = 0; (can vary from 0 to 255)
unsigned int  delay_count = 7;       (can vary from 0 to 65,535)
int           angle_deviation = 142; (can vary from -32,768 to 32,767)
unsigned long very_big_counter = 0;  (can vary from 0 to 4,294,967,295)

and if you wana get realy fancy ( which i dont think, from this post, you are too intrested in ) you can go into the user_routiens.h file and do typedefs… etc but if you wana declare a counter variable, say, you would simply put

unsigned counter1 = 0;

and there ya go. simple eh? theres a bunch of variable types, im not even gonna start goin there. good luck guys