Can you leave the ball up there?

In the beginning the balls are placed on the rail… if you leave them up there the whole time does it count for the extra 12pts.:confused: :]

Yeah, but unless your alliance is compoased of 2 insanely fast robots, you’re pretty much sure to lose.

The rules state that as long as your color ball is on the overpass and is not supported by your alliance at the end of the match, 12 bonus points are awarded to your alliance. All that matters for thoser 12 bonus points is the field configuration at the end of the match so yes, you can leave the balls there and get 24 points if they stay there throughout the match.

As far as not having a chance to win, that is not true. A win means that your team has more than the other team. If you are playing against 3 robots who cannot reach the overpass and you can get their trackballs down near the end of the match, I’d say you most likely earned enough points to win as long as lap counts are not heavily against you.

I would bet that the other team, upon seeing you leave them up there, would try and knock them down to prevent the bonus rather than just go about as normal. This is, of course, assuming at least one is able to reach. So, if you have no way of reaching, you are okay; if they don’t get the hint immediately, mess with their ball (legally) until they do. then you prevent them scoring a bunch of points and they get the balls down for you.

Just a thought.