Can you loan/sell us 2 (3/4")x(8") pneumatic cylinders?


My team is looking for 2 (3/4")x(8") pneumatic cylinders.

Is there a team going to the championship which can lend us these for the duration of the competition?

We would also be just as glad to buy them for what they would cost to buy them new from bimba!

We need them for spare parts and perhaps for a bit of pit engineering (ball knocker).

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thunderbolts 2630, Emek Hefer, Israel

Why not just order them directly from Bimba?

If shipping is a problem, I can probably help out with that.

we just have bad experience with bimba’s shipping and since we delayed the decision to the last minute it seemed safer to ask for a cylinder from a more reliable source… FRC teams!

We are still going to try and buy them from bimba, but we wanted to make sure we have a safty net in case it falls through with bimba…



thanks to all the people who PMed me with offers to help!!