Can you name all the FIM teams

Guess all the fim teams
I put together all the fim teams into a sporcle
You don’t need to put the team numbers at the end of the name for some teams Like
the Steel armadillos 818
Or any parentheses like
that one team (our next engineers)

Share your percentage below


I’ve had nightmares about exams like this I haven’t studied for.


This game would be much more appealing if it were formatted as a multiple choice exam of ~10-20 teams.

Typing 483 names is not something I’m going to sit down and try.


Dont forget, it is 483 names in 20 minutes.

I found the cheat code: Code Red Robotics :grin:

It did not accept Chief Delphi or Huskie Brigade, and that made me sad.

Mostly this made me sad about all the teams I used to know, that I no longer know.
I’m sure they’re still doing great work up there.


I took the opportunity to make a Sporcle quiz for all of the FRC teams in Wyoming. Pretty intimidating if you ask me…


I got bored at work, got 156 out of 483. Probably would have gotten more but I’m bad at spelling.


To many either start with Team or end in Robotics and I only remember them by their name without those.


Yes and despite the trademark lawyers wishes… 2137 will remain TORC to me :slight_smile:


I typed TORC first and then remembered :frowning:

What happened to the TORC name? I don’t remember hearing about that

Imagine my confusion when it didn’t accept Truck Town Terror

They were sued for trademark infringement by

Not to give away too many clues, but my FIRST attempt was HOT with a score of 67.

(keep in mind that 2137 was around first, having a rookie year of 2007, unless was founded in the first week of January 2007)


Im wrong, sorry

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Harry, Steve, Olga, Daniella, Mary…

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I got to 107 then I decided that was a good place to stop procrastinating my homework

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Teams are also generally founded before kickoff, so 2137 likely existed in 2006 too.

FRC events keeps track of old team names, so looking back at that: 2137 was

  • “TORC” in 2012 through 2019
  • “T.O.R.C. - The Oxford RoboCats” in 2011
  • “The Oxford RoboCats” in 2010
  • “RoboCats” in 2009
  • “Robocats” in 2008 and 2007

so they did start using “TORC” (at least officially in FIRST’s eyes) after that company was founded.

Regardless of the merit of a trademark lawsuit, I suspect a lot of teams would prefer to take the “easy” (and generally cheaper) path of changing their name.

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That’s crazy. I went through all the teams and only even recognized less than 100. To remember more than that off the top of your head is mad impressive.


It was always the acronym the people who made the older logos just didn’t put in the dots for some years.

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