Can you place power cubes into the exchange in autonomous mode?

The rules do state that you aren’t able to activate power ups during autonomous, but I was not able to find anything saying that you couldn’t JUST put it in the exchange in auto. Has anyone found any info otherwise?

Thanks in advance.

From what I have found, there is no rule against putting a power cube in the exchange. However, keep in mind that the human player must remain behind the line during auto, so the power cube cannot be touched.

As long as the human player doesn’t touch the cubes or go over the line there aren’t any rules preventing scoring in the exchange.

Note that you can’t start with your robot in front of the exchange or even breaking the plane of the exchange zone.

You can do that as long as its an autonomous robot action as far as I can tell .

I believe the general idea is that you control your switch and cross the line in auto. While the exchange zone is behind said line, if you can drop a cube off and get across the line for the RP, you should be in the clear. I would suggest that you make sure you can deliver a cube onto your switch, as you get no auto bonus for vaulted cubes, but if someone else on your team can plop a cube on your switch, it would work out pretty well for you to be able to do more than just cross the line.