Can you plug a Limelight into the VRM port on a PDP?

We are using all 16 ports on our PDP for motor controllers and want to plug a Limelight into the 20 amp VRM port on the bottom of the PDP. Will this work and/or is this legal?

No, according to R617 B

An alternative is to use the REV PDH which has 20 channels

Do you know where I can find a PDH for sale since they are all out of stock? Perhaps a team on here has an extra we can buy with a premium for your troubles?

I would probably make a separate thread for that request. We do not have any that we would be willing to sell

Wait we just re-read the rule a few times and interpreted the rules the following way:

The radio module must be powered off of the PDP ports on the bottom and no other electrical source can share that connection.

I don’t think it means that no other source can use those ports.

I would ask on the FIRST Q&A. That is a good question. Just make sure you use 22 awg wires to avoid breaking rule R622.

Personally, I think you should be able to. Whether it’s legal or not could be up for debate

Can any of the motors you are using be replaced with a pair of AM9015, VEX BAG, AM PG, etc.? See Table 9-2 in the Game Manual. Even if you don’t have any of those motors, they may be easier for your team to acquire than a PDH at this time.

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