Can you register for a second regional after your first one?

Can a team register for another regional after they have completed their first one?

I know it has been done. I recall 1771 registering for Palmetto after their upsetting loss in Peachtree last year. I am unaware of a proper process but as long as the regional has open capacity, I would advise you to contact the regional director.

There are cases where teams have done this in the past. There are a number of factors that could affect this so your best bet is to contact FRC Team Support on Monday if you are looking to do this.

FRC Team Support: (603) 666-3906

You can also try sending an email to [email protected].

Thanks for the advice I will talk to my team :slight_smile:

Yes. Both above answers are correct, call FIRST and email team support. (Your teams main contacts need to do this)

I tried to do this after our week 1 event and was allowed to do it. The only thing is that you would need to pay by Monday and redirect where the robot needs to go soon.

We would have been competing next week, but we came up a little short on the funds.