Can you reverse mini Cim while free spinning?


We have an intake that likes to throw boulders back to far when trying to suck the boulder in. We are currently contemplating different solutions but we were curious on whether we could reverse our Mini Cim to brake the intake wheels? There is hardly any friction on our intake wheels so once we start the motor up, it takes forever to come to a stop.

I know brushless motors can switch directions when spinning without issue but I don’t know about brushed mini Cim motors. We definitely do not want to wreck our mini Cims! Thanks a bunch in advance!

Do you have your motor controller on brake mode?

Is that something that has to be programmed in? What does it do exactly?

What motor controller are you using?

Depends on the motor controller. Any controller besides the CAN controlled Talon SRX is done in hardware. (not sure on the Victor SP)

If you look closely on the controller, there will be 3 pins with a tiny jumper across two of them. Next to them is the letters B and C. If the jumper is connecting the middle pin and the B pin, when no/zero PWM signal is given, the controller will default to braking the motor. This is highly recommended for All drivetrains. Setting the jumper to C is coast, meaning the motor will simply slow down via normal friction.

On the Talons, this can be done as a function across the CAN wire, which I personally have no idea how to do.


Just saw your post, see this document on how to do that

Illuminated “Brake / Coast Calibration” button enables one-touch setting changes and calibration

From that linked site.

To answer your original question, you can reverse the CIM without damaging it,
but because of the momentum of the shooter, you will more than likely trip the 40A self-resetting breaker on the PDB.