Can you see deleted posts?

Some CD users can see that posts in a thread have been deleted by a moderator. Some cannot. Which are you?

Example 1
Example 2: a number of posts below have been deleted by the original poster or by mods

I’ve seen them before, but I cannot see the deleted threads in that thread, even while logged in.

Same here, usually I do see them, but not this time.

I have seen deleted posts before, not sure whether they were deleted by the poster or a moderator. I also don’t see anything in that thread.

Same thing. I only remember seeing ones that people have deleted themselves.

I posted and deleted a message above. I cannot see the deleted message or the reason.

I can see 3 deleted posts in this thread, 2 by their posters and one by a mod. All three have reasons. am I just special?

:gif of resisting to post gif:

I see all three deleted posts w/reasons as well.

I can see the original post was edited, but I see no deletions. How odd.

I see all.

I guess I’m special or something? Weird

Edit: As far as I know, I’m not a CD mod. So it’s not that.

Sometimes i do, sometimes i dont. Havent seen my own deletions in a good while.

I wonder if its done by subfourm for regular users? In some (like chit-chat) I can see deleted posts, but in this thread i dont see any…

I can’t see them here, but seem to remember seeing posts deleted by users in the past. I’ve never seen a message that a post was deleted by a mod

I can’t see any deleted posts in this thread.

I can see the deleted post bars for mman1506, andrew schreiber, and notmattlythgoe in this thread.

So, yes, lythgoe, I can see that reason.

Ditto. And as a mod, I can click on “view post” on the deleted post to see what the original poster wrote.

Andy B.

As a follow up, the three deleted posts in this thread are between posts number five and six so you can look to see if the reason for deletion is visible.

I can’t see them, and I don’t ever recall seeing edit boxes like those described in this thread. That would explain my confusion on magically vanishing posts!](

I’m in the camp with Jon and Sean.

Do you not see this on posts (this one is above yours)?