Can you split Encoder signal to two talon srx's for PID Control

This year is our first year we are using CANtalon srx motor controllers. We would love to use these to do velocity control pid directly on the Talons for our DriveTrain (not go through the roborio because of speed).

The problem is our drivetrain is two motors to one gearbox with one encoder ( this seems to be the default for dafault KOP setup). Is there a way to safely split the encoder signal to two talon srx’s for PID control? Or is there a way, to have the encoder signal shared on the CAN bus?

Any other common solutions to this problem ?

Take a look at Follower Mode, and just hook the encoder up to one of the Talons: :slight_smile:

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To add on to what Billfred said, check out Section 7.6 of the manual he linked.

It has specific steps and recommendations for when you have multiple Talon SRXs and a single sensor.