Can you still program a cRIO?

Our team has been talking about some off-season things to do this year. We currently have two roboRIOs, but would like to keep one of them on our Recycle Rush robot. We have two cRIOs currently not in use, and we would like to utilize them if possible. We program in LabView. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You should still have the option in labview to make a cRIO project when you click File>New Project.

EDIT: They need to be 4 slot cRIOs to work

For eight-slot cRIOs, you should use the non-expiring tools that came with it in 2014 season.

Greg McKaskle

Yes you can, in fact our team built a robotic carnival game to use for outreach events which wound up being a great success. We just used the 2014 version of LabVIEW to program the cRIO. I believe that there is some way that you can specify the target as a cRIO as opposed to a RoboRIO somewhere in the build specifications to make it work with the 2015 version, but I haven’t tested that out for myself.

Yes, you can as far as I know, our team plans to continue using them during the offseason to give to members to try programming. We program in C++ and it still works fine.

We have our 2014 bot running. We run it on a separate laptop than our 2015 stuff, just to avoid any weird and annoying conflicts.

We use Netbeans for any code changes, like in 2014, and we have the 2014 Netbeans plugins, along with the 2014 driverstation and whatnot.

We were able to install everything with mild inconvenience, but nothing that required a load of time to fix. Downloading the 5gb NI update was a load of time though…