Can you use a thrifty throttle 3 to test a neo brushless motor

Hello my team fried a 550 NEO brushless motor using a test drill. Our team is trying to run these motors without a PDP, Robo Rio, etc. So I was wondering if you are able to use a thrifty throttle 3 (Thrifty Throttle 3 - AndyMark Inc) or any controller of that type as a sort of test stand to run it.

We run the spark max with a pwm generating rc controller for testing. So any pwm generating device, like the thrifty throttle, will work.

edit: Also, change from the CAN wire (green/yellow) to the PWM wire (black/white).

edit2: You should be able to also run it via USB with the REV Hardware Client. You might do this anyways to make sure the controller is in Brushless mode vs Brushed (which will damage brushless motors).

edit3: If the motor doesn’t run in the client, I had luck using the reset button on the controller.

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I would not. Their motors are likely designed for their sparkmax controllers and the chip are likely set to control the armature inside to pulse at the right sequences to turn the motors. You would likely damage the motor and void the warranty. This is directly from the Rev website:

NEO has been optimized to work with the REV SPARK MAX Motor Controller to deliver best-in-class performance and feedback. Brushless motors like the NEO can ONLY be driven using brushless motor controllers, and will be damaged if used incorrectly.

I’m not sure quite what your “test drill” is but to be very clear, you do need a SparkMax controller in any case. It’s possible that it could work on some other brushless controller, but I’ve not heard of anyone doing it.

As mentioned previously, the SparkMax controller needs to be in brushless mode. Consult the docs on this. Then, you can use the Thrifty Throttle (or a hobby servo tester) to give a proper hobby PWM input to the SparkMax controller.

Not OP, but the “break open a cordless drill and wire it to the motor” is common enough that they probably used that, to the stated effect.

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The Thrifty Throttle itself is not a motor controller. It’s simply a PWM signal generator that puts out the same pulses the roboRIO would to control a PWM motor controller.

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