Can you use eclipse for 2014 FRC java suite on mac

So here’s my predicament,

I have an old E-board system (2012 one with 4 slot cRIO) and I want to use my mid 2012 MacBook Pro with Eclipse Kepler to program the robot. This is the first time I have dabbled with FRC related programming. I haven’t really had to install external plugins and the like. The problem I’m facing is this: I can’t find the suite in question on the FRC website (wpilib site), nor do I know were to look. I tried googling it, but only got confused after looking around.

Here are the questions I need answered. (If you are willing to help me out)
*Preface: I am using a 4-slot cRIO, pneumatics, 8 Jags, 7 gray and 1 black Jag motor controller with the built in CAN, CAN-bus, solenoids. *Here is a Picture of the E-System so far though not everything is on it yet.: Here

  1. If I installed the 2018 suite for eclipse can I use it to program the old E-System?
    A) If not, Is there a Link to the old repository on where/how to install it for Mac OSX?

  2. Is the old E-System even compatible with Mac OSX?

any other advice is welcomed and thank you.

Eclipse can only be used with the RoboRio (Eclipse plugins were never developed for the cRio system). Netbeans was used for Java development on the cRio. It did work on Mac at the time, but I’m not sure if it still will. You can find instructions on installing the 2014 control system development software here:

If you don’t mind using Python, the releases of RobotPy for the cRIO are still on github (They use python 3.2). There is sample code and some documentation. It should be usable with OSX.

You would want to install an older version of pyfrc for simulation and code deployment purposes. I’d recommend installing python 3.4 for OSX, and then doing “pip3 install ‘pyfrc < 2015’”

At some point someone had created a standalone toolchain for creating C++ programs for the cRIO. At one time, this vm configuration ( was usable for creating a VM that had the right toolchain for building C++ programs. I’m not sure if it still works, but if it did you could create a cmake-based program, build it, and then copy it to the cRIO somehow.

Thank you for your help. though I’m now wondering this. is the driver station and imaging tool compatible with mac?

You can run them in a virtual machine, but they won’t run natively on OSX.