Can you use inventor files with 3DS Max?

Hi, i was busy working on animating things early on and i came to a situation, there is no way i know of to use what i made in inventor 5 with 3D studio max 4.0, if you can help me it will be greatly appreciated, i think you should be able to use what you made in 3d studio max i just don’t see the way to…:confused: :confused: :confused:

I’ve only tried this with Inventor 3, I haven’t had time to work with our copy of Inventor 5, but It should be similar in 5.

In the file menu, chose "Save Copy As...”, and for the file type choose IGES (*.igs,*.ige,*.iges). You can import these into 3D Studio 4, and it I believe works for all 3D Inventor drawings.

It imports the files as NURBS surfaces which you can convert to whatever, and you'll lose the Inventor animation.

Wow, it worked, this will make things a LOT easier when it comes to animation time so we can make our designs in autodesk inventor then toss it in 3Ds Max and use it for parts of it. THANK YOU… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

watch out for inventor objects in your animations though. a simple ball has thousands of faces. i used inventor models in my animation last year and it was a nightmare… rendering is awful with them. unless someone can tell me how to lessen the # of faces or if inventor 5 lowers the face numbers when you export to iges… i havent used inventor 5 with max yet. i’ll probably check it out when my team comes back with the kickoff kit.

Always use the optimizer, and your models will be many polygons lighter, my son…

Optimize is a modifier I learned all about in my sophomore year, my first year on the animation team of 108. AFTER our animation was submitted. I had a huge count on merely the terrain which was made of a massive patch grid. Something around 10000+ polys. Not good in the times of MAX 1.2 and 200mhz pcs being tops.

But basically optimize cuts down on your polygon count, while doing its best, according to spinners you set, at keeping the original model intact. In many cases, models can be cut down to fractions of what thier original count was and still look beautiful. Not to mention you can have differing poly counts for the renderer and the viewport, meaning faster working with cruddy looking models that render quite well. I think you can only use this on polygonal objects, however I will have to experiment now.

Read through the MAX Online Help and books for more detailed info.

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