Can you use yoga balls as cargo?


So I was wondering can you use yoga balls as cargos to train your bots? Or just what kind of balls to purchase if we can’t buy it from AM?
Thanks a lot.


Yoga balls are rather larger, I believe. The game manual lists a good equivalent ball. I have also purchased inflatable dodgeballs at local sporting goods stores over the years which were pretty close to the game specs this year.


FYI, that equivalent ball is back ordered until the end of February from that supplier. I had to cancel my order this week and just went with the AM balls.


I see that the official ball I ordered from AM a couple of days ago shipped today, as did the unofficial cargo hatch cover I put in the same purchase - being shipped in separate boxes at different times of day.


If you’re having trouble finding the equivalent ball online or the actual cargo ball from Andymark, I would look for a similar 13" kickball at a local sporting good store. You may actually find the equivalent ball at a local mom and pop sporting good store. The texture and weight of a 13" kickball and 13" yoga ball are going to be quite different.


Thanks! I think that’s a good idea


I can’t seem to place an order on the equivalent ball but I think dodgeballs may do. I just have to find the right size.