Hi !. I’m Hieu. I’m from Vietnam - team 6520 GART. I’ kind of a newbie to this whole robot so I would appreciate if you guys could help me to understand what and how CAN (Control Access Network I remember this is how it pronounce). Hope you guys will help me get through this concept !

Hello Hieu! Welcome to CD!
So I haven’t been on a team for a few years so this information may be a little out dated but I don’t think so.
CAN is a way to communicate with devices on your robot. It’s 2 wires that start at the roborio and go to each device like a chain. It’s usually used to control pneumatics, and speed controllers.
Here is a link to a website that is made by WPI that explains all the technical stuff of a robot and how to do it.
I think there is a new site but I don’t have that link. Sorry.
Hope this helps!

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Here’s the link for the new documentation.

One key thing about CAN is that since it’s all in one daisy chain unlike PWM, each device must have a unique CAN ID (a number) which can be configured by the respective manufacture tools. So for CTRE products like talon srx you would use Phoenix Tuner.
For REV (currently just the spark MAX), you would use the spark max client.

Also make sure that at the end of the CAN chain you have a 120 ohm resistor which the PDP conveniently provides making it a proper termination point. You can actually disable the resistor in the pdp If it isn’t the termination point.


Looks like your teammate asked the same question

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