Canada - 639 thanks 33 & 1112

The folks on 639 would like to thank 33 and 1112 for their hard work. We know we definitely could not have won without the efforts of 33, who never gave up after a match and allowed us to “hang on by a thread” as the announcer so kindly mentioned. The elimination rounds were exciting and stressful, but in the end, it was the ball collector who lived up to our high expectations. Also congrats to 33 (and us :)) for the GM Industrial Design award. To 1112, we know you had a tough season, but I guess the scouts were absolutely right in saying you were a pick for us. I hope you guys had fun.

And obviously, thanks to 1114, 48, and 1006 for providing me with the most stressful task during the entire weekend. Great effort. Hopefully we’ll meet again this year.

congrats to 639, 33, 1112… you guys performed amazing throughout and extremely well in the finals…

You guys gave us a match to remember for the rest of our lives, Congrats and THanks!

Funny, we feel the same way! It was you guys who saved us in the Chevrolet finals. When we kept loosing our left drive and our shaft slipped out of our winch, it was you guys that hung consistently, and that definately saved us. Thanks again, I really hope you guys get the money for Atlanta.

Also, big thanks to 1112, you guys rocked out there.