Canada's Wonderland FIRST event in June

Greetings to all Teams

The first annual “Wonderland’s FIRST Robotics Competition” will be taking place June 5-6, 2004. We will have the full playing field, scoring system and special awards. Canada’s Paramount Wonderland theme park is located 30 minutes north of Toronto in Maple.

Teams will compete all day Saturday June 5 and there will be an awards ceremony in the evening. The registration cost is $250 CAN and the cheque is to be made payable to “FIRST Canadian Regional”.

All people attending must purchase a $25 ticket with Wonderland. This will allow you to attend the competition and give you entrance into Canada’s Wonderland on BOTH June 5 and 6 to use the rides and attend the shows. Teams will deal directly with Canada’s Wonderland to purchase the $25 tickets (please use linked form below) Team members may attend as well as any other students/teachers from the school, relatives etc… It is really a great deal. The Wonderland ticket alone for two days would normally retail for approx. $100.

I will be taking the first 32 teams that I recieve the $250 cheque from. Please courier your check to me at the address below or deliver it to me directly in Atlanta. If you can’t find me, please give the registration fee to someone from Team 188 in their pit. Wonderland will be promoting this event on their website and we expect many people to enter from the park to watch. Kingswood theatre holds 6000 people so let’s fill the place !

I look forward to hearing from many teams soon so please send in your registration fee ASAP. Please deal directly with Wonderland using the form attached to purchase the number of individual tickets that you will need.

Here is the link for the Wonderland order form to purchase individual tickets


…Mark Breadner
Director - Canadian Regional
140 Borough Drive - level 2
Toronto, Ontario
M1P 4N6

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How many teams are currently registered? Also, are any American teams coming?

Haha, for me that’s an 8 hour drive, traversing basically the entire states of MA and upstate NY. Though I would love to come, Ive never had a competition near my birthday :slight_smile:

We currently have about 10 teams registered and I am anticipating that lots of our friends from south of the border will bring their teams. Every team is more than welcome to come and enjoy the event.

…Mark Breadner

people have been telling me that this competition was cancelled…?!

definitely not… it was cancelled due to a purported lack of interest from teams in canada, and cheques were re-distrubuted to teams at CR, but due to overwhelming demand, Mr B has decided to put this back on, and Canada’s Wonderland is extremely enthusastic about getting this event running. So come one come all =D

We’re gathering the troops to see who would like to make the trip and so far it looks like there’s plenty of team interest, so look for Team 190 to make the trek to Canada for this event.

We heard only great things about the regional in Toronto and look forward to a great off-season event!

Team 1114 will most definitely be there. We’d love it all of our American friends could come and join us in what will be a great event. I’m already excited about the whole thing.

Trust me, you’ll be kicking yourselves if you miss it.

I’ll see you guys there. Im volunteering.

Sha… it’s definitly worth it for only a $250 entrance fee and then the $25 admission… Wonderland is DEFINITLY going to be a “FUN” event! Now if only we can make sure our team members are cheering for our matches instead of waiting in line for Top Gun… :smiley:

And just so I’m sure on this, the $25 offer can be extended to my relatives? What about my two bosses from work (who are potential next-year sponsors)? I wonder if I could convince the admissions employees that my Czech bosses are relatives of my Scottish/Irish decent… :rolleyes:

Team 85 from Zeeland, MI is interested. We need more information. Do you have a web site or can you e-mail more information? We have never gone international before so we will need some advice :slight_smile:

Steve Yasick
Team leader

You can email me but better to email Mark Breadner. All of his info is foundn at . On the top right of the page, just to the left of the FIRST logo, you will see contacts. From there you will find what you need. There is also a scolling window that if you click on will give some more info. New info will be posted in the forum section.

Hope to see you there. We are expecting to have a great time with a chance to spend more time making friendships than we get at most regionals. This will be our 1st off season event and if it is half as good as our regional was then we will have the best off season event as well.

P.S. - No offence is meant to the other great off season events. :slight_smile:

Personally I would kill to go there… I don’t know if its possible for us to go but I will atleast ask… Doesn’t hurt to ask right???

Team 48 hasn’t ruled this event out, but we’ve got to discuss it amongst the tribal elders first. No promises…yet.

Man… am I excited… this is going to be the best off-season event EVER.

I mean, this is like having a competition at Cedar Point - and not only that, you get admission to the park for TWO days at a super-cut-rate price!!!

EVERY TEAM within reasonable distance HAS to get in on this one.

You’d be crazy not to!

lol… it just keeps getting better and better… because those are Canadian funds too!

oh man oh man oh man I hope we can go!!!

It sounds like a really cool event, I wish I could go. But does anyone else have final exams beginning the day after the competition, or is that just me?

we have exams the week after but its something we can’t miss… it’s my last year so gotta have the most fun i can :slight_smile:

i can’t wait