Canada's Wonderland Results

Here are the detailed results of the event, mostly for the benefit of all you fantasy FIRSTers.

Event Champions
1241, 1114, 1075

Event Finalists
1305, 107, 1310

(Rank, Team, Record, RP Avg.)

  1. 1241 – 10-0-0 52.50
  2. 1305 – 9-1-0 51.50
  3. 1114 – 7-2-1 67.00
  4. 190 – 7-3-0 40.50
  5. 1281 – 6-4-0 55.50
  6. 188 – 6-4-0 64.00
  7. 107 – 5-4-1 46.00
  8. 783 – 5-4-1 46.00
  9. 1219 – 5-5-0 62.00
  10. 1088 – 5-5-0 37.00
  11. 1397 – 5-5-0 35.00
  12. 781 – 4-5-1 40.50
  13. 1334 – 4-6-0 54.00
  14. 1112 – 4-6-0 45.50
  15. 1053 – 4-6-0 35.00
  16. 1310 – 3-7-0 59.00
  17. 1385 – 3-7-0 51.50
  18. 1141 – 3-7-0 50.00
  19. 1075 – 3-7-0 49.00
  20. 1309 – 0-10-0 45.00


  1. 1241 - 1114 - 1075
  2. 1305 - 107 - 1310
  3. 190 - 188 - 1309
  4. 1281 - 783 - 1141
  5. 1219 - 1088
  6. 1397 - 1053
  7. 781 - 1112
  8. 1334 - 1385

Elimination Rounds
1 over 8, 2-0
2 over 7, 2-0
3 over 6, 2-0
5 over 4, 2-0-1

1 over 5, 2-0
2 over 3, 2-0

1 over 2, 2-0

The event was a huge success and a great time. The highlight of the day had to be in the skills competition when team 1241 scored 210 pts. in the free for all event. In this event a team was given 2:00 to score as many points as they could, being the only robot on the field. It was an amazing display. 16 balls in stationary, 5 balls in the mobile, both capped.

Finally a big thanks to everyone who helped make my debut as MC so amazing. As much is it pains me to say this, special thanks to Steve W, who guided me throughout the whole competition.

Congrats to 1241, 1114, and 1075. I wish Amanda and I could’ve stayed to watch you guys win. There were 20 great teams there, and it would’ve been a great elimination round to watch.

I would consider paying money to watch you and Steve W. duke it out verbally. You should consider touring. Oh, and by verbally … I do not mean singing. And that goes for both of you. :smiley:

Overall, it was a great competition and I’m glad we could make it out there. Congrats to everybody who participated and everybody who helped make it a great event to attend.

Congractulations to 1241, 1114, and 1075. I have nothing eles to say, but good luck in future competitions:D

Awesome, I’m so glad that 1241 was able to put on such a strong showing. They had an amazing machine, and amazing people. Congratulations to 1114 and 1075, too.

Wow! Wonderland was THE perfect finish for an amazing rookie season for us! No regrets at all! Our team had a great time at wonderland and we thank all the 20 teams there which made it a great offseason experience!

Thanks 1114 and 1075 for being a great alliances and helping us through to victory!
I hope we will keep having this event for the years to come!

1075 here to say great job to all 20 teams there. Thanks to 1241 for bringing us into their alliance, and also thanks to 1281 for keeping your promise that you wouldn’t pick me! Thanks also to 1114 for helping us to victory with 1241. WTG 1241 on going undefeated all day!

[edit:] Oh yeah, PLEASE don’t sing [/edit]

I second that … I was discussing with someone (cant remember who) about you going on WB Superstar …

anyways congratulations to all the teams, there were sooo many great matches …

and thanks to all the people that i saw again and met for the first time who made my day that much better … had SUCH an awesome weekend … now time to do all that work for next week that I should have been doing …

Me on WB Superstar. I know what you are saying. I will agree that I have no voice for singing. Karthik on the other hand believes that he has a voice. We all know better.

I would like to thank all of the people that volunteered to help at our 1st off season event. Special thanks to all from Team 48 who graciously gave of their time and came to our event.

A special thanks also to Karthik who made me seem like a genius with the picking of winners during the skills event. By the end all of the teams were asking him to pick their opponents rather than jinx them. It was a fun time and I had a blast interacting with everyone. It was nice being at an event with less pressure.

It was definately a lot of fun to be at the wonderland event except for the food and drink prices. $2.75 for a bottle of soda. The highlight of the day for me was in the quater finals round 2. 1053 + 1397 vs 190 + 1309. 190 hung in autonomous and then put their plastic arms out to cover the bar. We (1053) came up from the side and hung on top of their plastic arm. Our robot looked like it was about to fall off because it was sitting on top of their plastic arm. So 190 unfolded their massive arm, and started rocking their massive robot back and forth with it to try to get us off. Although we lost the match, it was definately the highlight of the day (for me)

edit: I’d also like to say congrats to the finalists, and to 1241 to scoring 210 points in the skills competition. That is just unbelievable

congrats to 1241, 1114, 1075 for winning.

Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers for such a great event.

The teams were surely on their best, also some teams from states were awesome, specially 190’s autonmous hanging bot.

We hung 13 out of 15 matches, and had a 62.00 averages(which is third highest through out) we had tons of fun, hope to c u all again

First, I’d like to say that everyone behind the scenes did an EXCELLENT job. It was a great venue (perfect, I’d say), and Karthik and Steve had quite the verbal war going… :slight_smile:

Overall, everything went great… it was a beautiful day and an exciting, fun event. Kudos to all those that planned this. Brandon and I had a wonderful time (and Canada, as a whole, was fun too). Although I can say that Karthik serenading me was interesting…I’ve never been so red in my life! :slight_smile:

You guys can say what you want about my singing, but I know deep down you really loved it. I’m an angel without wings here. :slight_smile:

I aim to please.

For those of you who don’t know, I decided to serenade Amanda with that good ol’ Righteous Brothers tune, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Things were going well until my mic was cut. I guess someone just got jealous of my beautiful voice.

Hahahah, good job Karthik! :slight_smile:

I would like to thank Mr. Breadner for organizing this off-season event and congrate the champs and finalists of this event. Also, our wonderful MC, Karthik and our anouncer Steve… With their hillarious debate with the 1114 robot “not having to turn” to change directions… :smiley:

I dont know why … but for some reason, I highly doubt jealousy was the reason your mic was cut …

Congrats to all the participants. Maybe 639’ll be there next year.

Could someone post up videos of the Wonderland event?

An angel…riiiiiight. A Hell’s Angel, maybe…:slight_smile:

Keep up the “good” work, Karthik. We need your “angelic” voice in top form for the IRI Talent Show.

The four of us from Team 48 who were there at Canada’s Wonderland all had a great time. I personally had the fun job of operating the scoring software for most of the competition. Thank you to Rick Petty and Eric Rasmussen from FIRST for showing me how to use such a powerful yet user-friendly system. I now have a greater respect and understanding for how much work went into its development.

As far as the competition goes, I had a great view of the action going on throughout the day - the Battle of the Biggest Mouths in Canada was captivating as Karthik and Steve W. entertained everyone all day! Props to Karthik for only tripping over the field boundary twice during his inaugural MC effort. Props to Steve for taking time out of his busy schedule pimping Canada’s Wonderland T-shirts (to his credit, they sold out) to stop by the Scorer’s Table and announce the match results once in awhile! :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, Karthik, you didn’t act like a rookie MC and Steve, you were as professional and as exciting as ever. Both of you did an amazing job and I’m glad I was there to witness your antics firsthand - yes, even Karthik’s singing.

Oh yeah, there was a robotics competition on Saturday, too - 190 was as good as advertized, 1241 was a scoring machine, 188 relentlessly pursued their objectives on the field, and 1114 proved once again they were one of the elite teams in 2004. The match rotation was so fast on Saturday - I gotta give credit to all the pit crews who kept those bots running strong match after match. Great job to everyone who participated.

Special thanks to Mark Breadner for organizing the event and for finding places for four 48 geeks who wanted to come up and volunteer. Thanks also to Canada’s Wonderland for providing the excellent venue for the event - you were wonderful hosts. Team 48 hopes to see everyone at CW next year, hopefully with a robot in tow.

Whaaatttttt? I don’t think that is a compliment, is it? :eek:

Whaaatttttt? I don’t think that is a compliment, is it? [/quote]

I think it was - being compared to John Candy is a flattering proposition. But perhaps I exaggerated? Maybe I meant to say “the Battle of the Biggest Mouths in Canada’s Wonderland at the Kingswood Theatre on June 5, 2004”? :stuck_out_tongue: