Canada's Wonderland Skills Competition Results

Here are the winners of the Skills Competition Events:

Hang Time (Fastest Hanging Robot):
In a truly dominating performance, Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science - Gompei and the HERD (190) outhustled and muscled the competition. This robot, which is also capable of hanging in autonomous mode, truly legitimized their dominance of the bar.

Hot Laps (Fastest Robot):
Glebe Collegiate - Glebe Robotics (1053) showed everyone that power is nothing without control. Their combination of a wickedly fast robot, and flawless driving, was potent enough to overpower even the most favoured speedsters at the competition.

Free for all (Best Offensive Robot):
How many points can one robot singlehandedly score in 2:00 minutes? If you guessed 210 points (without hanging), you are absolutely insane! I hope somebody taped it, because I still don’t believe it! In fact, you better ask the people at Rick Hansen S.S. - Theory6 (1241) to make sure we weren’t all hallucinating.

Sharpshoort (Best Human Player):
A fraction of a second difference was all that separated the finalists in this event. However, the human player from **Rick Hansen S.S. - Theory6 (1241) ** continued his stellar performance from the Canadian Regional, and the championships in Atlanta, and took the title with perfect 12/12 shooting in just about every match.

Thank you to all the participants in the Skills Competition! It couldn’t have happend without your help and support! I hope you all had as much fun competing in the event as we did setting it up =).

See you all next season!

The skills competitions were so much fun to watch … congratulations to all the winners …

based on the success and fun that most people had at the skills comps, perhaps other offseasons event would like to run modified or equivalent versions of it?

personally i wasnt there to witness, but that was the first :wink: thing i asked about when i did get there. its a great way to show off some aspects of your robot that ahem may not have been noticed in competition, or may have been thwarted by some tough luck. dont forget the amazing human playing as well. =)

Nope you weren’t hallucinating…210 points. I believe it was 15 balls in stationary capped and 5 balls in mobil goal capped as well. I’m sure it all comes from the ball catching idea. :slight_smile:

And yea I have to agree that the skills competition was the greatest! No holds barred!

Congrats to other teams who won skills as well. Wow 190…Hang during autonomous. Only saw one other robot do that at Atlanta but wow! Insane programming skills there!And wow can the 1053 bot MOVE!

Yeah, I always wanted a chance to show off our robot’s high gear, we never really got to use it in competition.