Canada's Wonderland

does anybody know anything about the Canada’s wonderland off-season competition? i heard that there was one last year (i don’t know if thats true). i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about one this year.

There has been one every year since 2004, but last I heard it was up in the air because of a change in ownership at Canada’s Wonderland.

NiagaraFIRST organized it last year, you could try PMing a 1114 member like Karthik or checking their website.

Actually, it was not NiagaraFIRST, rather just one of the members, Team 1114, who organized the Canada’s Wonderland Off-Season event in 2006. Prior to that, it was organized by FIRST Robotics Canada.

Unfortunately due to scheduling issues with the Park (who is under new ownership), there will be no Canada’s Wonderland Off-Season event in 2007.

The good news is that FIRST Robotics Canada is currently working on providing an off-season event in the Toronto area! More details should be available in mid-June. :slight_smile:

so now it is september and I haven’t heard anything… :frowning: Karthik have you heard anything about a canadian off season event? us members of 1565 would really like one!

Would you consider comming across the border to nearby Rochester, NY for the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus?

There will be no off season event in Toronto this year. Karen Rosenthal sent me a note a week or two ago saying that they just couldn’t make it happen.

That said, I will put a good word in for Ruckus. I have been to both of the previous events and enjoyed them fully. They also have a VEX competition held at lunch on Saturday. Lots of fun, good friends, exciting event and an opportunity to put a pie in the face of Koko Ed. How much better can it get? Oh, and it only costs $100.00 (US).

Ah, Steve. Don’t be so modest…

…you too are offered up for sacrafice.:smiley: