Canadian CMP

At Detroit I heard there was an announcement made about CMP being held in another country (potentially Canada) in the future. Can anyone confirm that they said this? Thoughts? I think they may send all international teams to a Canadian CMP and leave us Americans to fend for ourselves :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that was a joke about many of the teams staying in Canadian hotels, but I’m not sure.

No. The joke was that it takes 2 countries to house all the teams attending the Detroit event.

The Top 10 list, item #1, was that the Detroit CMP was so big that teams had to be hosted in two countries.

Referencing that Toronto teams simply commuted across the border (and Toronto is close to Detroit).

I see that, like the telephone game, things don’t pass down the pipeline clearly :slight_smile: thanks for clarifying all!

Not really. More like 3.5 to 4 hours each way plus time at the border crossing. I make the trip to London, ON (about half the way to Toronto on the 401) a lot for work and from the Ambassador Bridge checkpoint to London is right at 2 hours. They won’t need to get plane tickets, but unless you’re in or near Windsor (or perhaps Sarnia), probably not commuting each day.

There were many teams from Widsor (which is across Detroit river) at Detroit CMP, it takes about 5 min drive

When people attend events in Detroit, the nearest hotels available at reasonable rates are often in Windsor. I’ve known people travelling to our office for week long business trips to book hotels in Windsor. I suspect that some of the Canadian teams booked hotel space in Windsor. That was probably the reference to people “housed” in two different countries.