Canadian FIRST Alumni - Register Today!

Canadian FIRST Alumni - Register Today!

The FIRST community is a vibrant collection of some of the most generous, intelligent and hard-working individuals in the world. Few other programs can build a community with such high-quality people, who share deep bonds from this truly life-changing experience.

These are friends worth keeping for a lifetime.

Ensure that the FIRST experience and friendships don’t end at graduation. Register now with FIRST Canada Robotics!

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*please note that this registry is separate from the international FIRST alumni registration system - registering here will NOT automatically register you with international FIRST, but will register you for seperate Canadian specific alumni events and notifications

We had a great start this year and I hope to see more people involved in the coming years. If you know of anyone that is an alumni that may not be currently involved, please let them know they are welcome to join up.