Canadian Regional Poll/Survey

Aright, since the Canadian regional is coming up next week, I’d like to see some statistics as to how many people decided to build a box or a stacker.

And I’ll say this even this should be obvious… post after you vote so your own team members can see and null their votes… it’d be pointless to have 10 people from a team voting.

This means I voted already. :slight_smile:

I’m not real sure that any of those descriptions really tell all the capabilities that our robot has to offer. No we are not a stacker, but yet we can knock down stacks. We often play king of the hill very well, but not what we are known for. Our aton mode is in under five seconds, but we don’t cheer loud about that. When our wings expand and knock the whole wall over, that is what DELPHI ELITE gets on their feet for. Our human player is awesome and our drivers rock the house, but nothing can beat DELPHI’s COMIN cheer!!

I agree; those options don’t really do justice to a lot of robots. We’re essentally a crazy-powerful bulldozer that can knock walls down well and have the secondary ability to stack 2.

Thus, I did not vote, but you can still come to your own conclusions from this.