Canadian Regional Results!

I know bucks are dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a joke based on the fact that the Canadian dollar is worth nothing compared to the US. In actual fact 1.00$ CDN is worth about 60 cents US.

And, at least according to the Drew Carrey Show, Cleveland does rockā€¦lol

And if we make it down or not all depends on how much money we can get together next year.

As of now our budject will have room for the CR, the GLR, and the nationalsā€¦assuming we get the funds we need for that. Ifwe have additional money, cleveland is what it is in line to be used on.

But hey if Delphi wants to have us as a special guest and pick up our entry fee we would definately be thereā€¦lolā€¦jk

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**ps hope everyone else had as much fun as we did!!?? **

We had more than just some fun, Canada was a Lifetime experience, it was great!

A big thank you to everybody who helped us out in Canada, team 379 for fixing our software for example, and team 907 for selecting us as an alliance!
we had great fun!
See ya all at the nats (Iā€™ll be there to watch, my team registered too lateā€¦)