Canadian Regional Setup?

Just wondering if anyone knows how the regional will be run with two fields. We are attempting to prepare to scout and aren’t sure how/if it will be divided.


The plan as it stands right now is to run a match on field A, tabulate the score and announce it. Once that is done, play will begin on field B. This way there will never be two matches playing at the same time. As a match is being played on A, setup will be taking place on B. The two fields will be adjacent to each other. I will be volunteering with the setup on Tuesday, so I’ll get a good look and provide updates.

Is that how the fields are officially designated? as “A” and “B”? Just wondering, for a little project of my team’s.

Only one division?

That’s too bad. I was hoping that its “Super regional” status with two playing fields would merit two divisions, with 8 alliances in each. The winning alliances from each division would compete in the finals. Like a scaled-down Championship Event. That would increase involvement in the playoff rounds and decrease our scouting efforts.

There’s going to be some tight competition for the playoff round spots. With 24 teams out of 75 advancing, each team is going to have to work hard to get noticed, let alone picked.

… Look for a very red robot :wink:

… if everything is working properly lol.

Don’t worry, 610 remembers 639. Remember that pushing match for the goal in the Canadian Regional finals 2 years ago?

Our sandpaper-studded wheels tore a hole in the carpet and sanded the underlying concrete. The regional organizers were nice enough to let us keep that section of the carpet as a memento.

Geez those were good times. Our drive that year was pretty cool; similar to the low-rider robots this year like 1114 and 111, we had 6 wheels. 2 of them could pop down (geared to same gearbox) and provided a lot of torque by pressing down on the goal and lifting the back end of our robot up. But we had enough trouble with alignment and chains that we were very lucky to have gotten as far as we did. Great match. See you guys there again.

To follow up on this thread… in 2002 and 2003 the field was lengthwise in relation to the arena. Will the 2nd field this year be in the same orientation and in the other half of the arena? In which case, 639 claims all center row seats.

… oh wait, there’s a rule against that :wink:

lets play an April fools joke on team 639 hehe, oh wait they read this forum.

i wonder where they will place the big screen that they usually have,

Yar, I know that. But tell me. On Thursday, since it’s just practice, will the two fields be running simultaneously? That would be awesome to be able to get in 10+ practice matches.

Lol, Vince. That would be funny but I’d be well prepared for it. What screen are you referring to anyway? That huge banner we have?

actually i was talking about the video screen that FIRST uses that big tv, the last two years they had it in the middle dividing the pit area and the field, now that they have to fields where will they put the screen