Canadian Regional thank-yous and congrats from 296

First of all, I want to congratulate the organizers of and volunteers at the 2004 Canadian Regional. It was by far the best-run and most fun regional competition I have ever been to.

Secondly, I want to thank 1295, 1246, and another team whose number I don’t remember, who all generously gave us new drill motor mounts when ours snapped and our mentors thought it was all over for us. Thanks to you, we were able to get our drive train running again in time for eliminations.

Lastly, I want to thank our alliance partners, teams 781 and 1109, for their great work. If you guys from 781 hadn’t hung every match, alliance #13, the “Cinderella Alliance” (as the announcer called us), wouldn’t have made it through two tough rounds to the semi-finals. Also, my sympathies to team 610, who were unable to to get their robot fixed in time for the third match of the second round.

Also, congrats to 639, 33, and 1112 for winning, and to 1114, 48, and 1006 for finishing in a very close second.

Good luck to all the teams from the CR who are going to Atlanta, and we’ll see you there.

Pat Fairbank
Team 296 co-captain and driver

I’d personally like to thank 33’s human player. He missed about two or three balls during the entire elimination rounds.

I’d also like to thank 33’s drivers for their undying determination. Every time a robot hung and we faced elimination, they relentlessly gathered balls and shot them, one by one, point by point, until we out scored our opponents.

Also, thanks to team 1112 for stopping a potential capping when we faced elimation in semi-finals.

And finally, congrats to teams 1114, 48, and 1006 for putting up a heck of a fight during finals.

What a great round that was!

You need only look here to see just how well 639, 33, and 1112 filled the goal.

In the third and final match of this semi-final round (vs 188, 22, 1049), 188’s strategy was to cap their OPPONENT’S goal.

but alas, 1112 did enough to cause the cap to fall off… it was a heart-wrenching moment for us, but a great match nonetheless.

And you can’t really complain THAT much when you lose to the eventual champions. 639, 33, and 1112 did a great job at the C(S)R.

congrats to both alliance and their great job… especially team 33’s shooter who did amazing… i think another great shooter is the shooter from 1241 who also did amazing… congrats

On behalf of Team 781, I would like to thank Team 296 for allowing us to participate in Alliance #13 along with Team 1109. Our entire team is very fortunate to have worked side by side with two very excellent teams, as well as compete with the other fantastic alliances.
We hope to see Team 296 & 1109 and all this years teams and more next year at the Canadian Super Regional.


On behalf of team 22 I would like to thank 188 for being awesome hosts. You guys did so much for us! Housed us, fed us, payed for us, took us around, picked us as alliance partners, and were kind about it all the whole way! I had a lot of fun, and hope to keep in touch with you guys. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us. I only hope that you guys can have as much fun next year when you come down to our houses in LA. (btw, private message me with what you guys want to do here) All your awards were well deserved and earned. I only regret not being able to be regional champions with you guys.

188, 1049…thanks for being great alliance partners. I appologize for our robot breaking so many times, and I hope we can rally up and do better at nationals.

639, 33, and 1112, you guys did great and achieved a well deserved win. 33, we are sorry for messing up your drive system, no harm intended. I’m glad you could get it running so quickly.

Congrats to all and thank you for a good time.