Canadian Regional

Sorry, this is kind of late because I have to catch all my school works :stuck_out_tongue: SO I would to ongratulat to all teams who won the awards and it has been a good year. Although my team place in second last :frowning: however I believe we will do better next year. See You ALL Next Year At Canadian Regional.

Here is the result from Canadian Regional:

Regional Chair’s man award winner ------ Team 610

Engineering Inspiration Award------ 714

Regional Winners------- 1088, 378, 912

Regional Finalists------- 188, 306, 1075

DaimlerChrysler Team Spirit Award ---- 306

Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award ---- 854

GM Industrial Design Award-------- 48

Johnson & Johnson Sportsmanship Award ------- 578

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship-----1088

Motorola Quality Award ------1088

Xerox Creativity Award ------- 1114

Imagery Award----- 1006

Leadership in Control Award -----378

Website Design Award ------- 1049

Autodesk Visualization Award - Regional -----1182

Rookie All Star Award Friday------- 1219

Rookie All Star Award Saturday------- 1006

Judges Award Friday -------- 1146

Judges Award Saturday----- 771

Thanks guys, and good luck in the future. It was good being pit neighbors with you guys.

It’s a shame DEAD END was plagued with the problems that it was. It was really an excellent design and final product, things just didn’t work out for you guys this year. I must say, though, your robot was definately the most original :).

Let’s just hope that this year’s robot wasn’t really a “DEAD END” for you robotics team, as we really look forwards to seeing you guys at the competition next year!

Best of luck!

Thank You. We would been better if we had the autonomous program.

Actually, it was our fault. We should had put bumpers on the robot. So our gearboxes wouldn’t be damaged by impacts from other teams’ robot. And I want to say sorry to team 188 for blame on them for hitting us purposely. We were just too emotional.

Promo video from Friday at the Canadian Regional can be found here

To find out about other videos from the best regional FIRST has go to the following link

how many canadian teams are there, anyone know?

Somewhere in the high 20’s I think.

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**Somewhere in the high 20’s I think. **

40 actually…

at least at CDN regionals this year…

Does anyone know if it’s possible to view the video that they showed during the team social anywhere online?

And then there’s team 296: Loyola HS’s Northern Knights, from Montreal. This year they competed at the BAE and UTC regionals.

38 Ontario teams + 2 Quebec teams + 1 Newfoundland team gives us 41 total Canadian teams.

Not too shabby, considering that there were only 3 Canadian schools (Woburn, Loyola, and Crescent) competing in 2001.

Any predictions for next year’s growth? There have been rumours of a regional in Calgary. How long do you think it will take for FIRST to establish a sizable following in Western Canada? Would your team be interested in attending this event?

It’s only a matter of time…

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**Promo video from Friday at the Canadian Regional can be found here

To find out about other videos from the best regional FIRST has go to the following link **

Asked and Answered Kristen :wink: