Canadian SUPER Regional

Yup! It’s that time of the year again. With only 3 days left my brian just can’t stop thinking about it. I think being able to participate in Biggest Regional in FIRST will be full of thrills, plus there will be two regional winners (team 33 and 1114) competing at this region. Better watch out! So, me and our team wish everybody good luck and have a fun time in Canada :slight_smile:

This event is going to be amazing. With 75 teams and two fields, the Hershey Center is going to be jam packed and rocking. This year’s event should be a great competition, especially if you look at the quality of some the teams who will be competing. For example:

Team 33 - The VCU champions, with their four speed automatic transmission and amazing ball gathering ability.

Team 1241 - These rookie’s out of Mississauga know how to play this game, they gained instant recognition at GLR for their brilliant ball catching device.

Team 48 - The most powerful robot I’ve seen in person this season (although Clarkson could give them a run for their money), they can push anyone around. Plus their arm gets them up on the bar and off the ground very quickly.

Team 188 - Two Speed, 6 motor drive system. Need I say more?

Team 1114 - Oh yeah, I almost forgot about us. The Pittsburgh finalists and Long Island champions are eagerly anticipating their third regional.

Plus there are another 70 teams out there who I’m sure will something to say about the outcome of this event by Saturday afternoon.

I can’t wait.

Come stop by and say hi to me in the 1114 pits.

I’ll see you all then.

not to mention our international robotics exchange partners team 22 who were finalists at SoCal this weekend =D

Yes, we are very excited to be coming all the way from LA to the Canadian Regional! See you guys in a few days.

Hey all!

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck at the Canadian Regionals… not that some of the teams there need it :slight_smile:
I can’t wait to see some of the teams with their amazing bots in action and ofcourse the excitement, the tension, the mind numbing suspense and the suprises some of the matches will bring.
Once again I wish each and every team the best of luck and I’m sure that we (1241) will be expecting to have a great time at Hershey Centre!

I have very much enjoyed the Canadian regional each of the past two years. I have attended about 15 FIRST competitions to date, and Canada is always one of my favorites. Even though it is not the closest and we have to put up with drayage charges and more difficult travel arrangements, team 639 always chooses the Canadian regional as its #1 event choice. With two playing fields and over 70 teams, it will be amazing :slight_smile: I look forward to meeting all of you and wish you all the best of luck! Please come track me down and introduce yourself; I always like to meet people from the Chief Delphi forums at events.

See you Thursday!
Patrick Dingle - Team 639 - Code Red Robotics

I can’t wait till Thrusday, 75 teams, 2 fields, great ppl, new friendships, amazing robots.

Can’t wait for it! This is our first year and our first regional. From what I’ve heard, this is also the biggest regional around. We have nearly 4 full buses from our school coming!!! Hope the Hershey Centre can fit all these people! :smiley: Haha, we’re basically making all the physics, and computer science classes go to the regional.

3 days?!?!?! Noooo! Sooner!!! Sooner!!!

Heh, as Patrick said, Canada is our favorite and #1 choice regardless of customs issues or funding, etc. I’ll be leading the drive team this year (was a controller the last 2 years)… hunt me down! I should be walking around most of the day.

Oh, and come watch me drive The Red Tulip sometime :wink: That’s our robot.

PS Wish our team luck getting to Canada next year… Gonna take a lot of effort on the part of students to get pay for registration.

Haha, we’re basically making all the physics, and computer science classes go to the regional.

I wish our school would have a field trip to a regional for those types of classes. But we would have a few more than 4 buses of students if we took them all.

Cant wait!, was soo much fun last year and would be even better this year!, Good luck all

Good Luck everyone

Say hi to me, I will be doing field reset (I’m usually the guy on the ladder). I also play as hp if a team doesn’t show up. At the end of the precitice day I actually was hitting 75-80% of my shots.

I don’t know if everybody else notice this. There are alot of good shooters in Canadian regional. The balls go in the goal smoothly.

Yep, it appeared there were some HP’s who consistenly shot above 80%. It will be interesting to see how this changes as teams will have few balls to shoot and much more pressure duing qualifying and the playoffs.

Well, Time goes fast. Tomorrow is the last day. I wish everyone good luck and drop by our pit, team 865, any time or say hello to me (I am the human player - Zengi)


Some shooters are very good, our shooter has been extremely good, aside from some bad luck we also got our hook on the abr everytime, and hanged 4 out of 7 times, cameback down in 1 so aorund 3 hangings. Our shooter, only missed one sho out of 7 matches, what a great guy to have in our box. I ntoiced some other teams had great shooters too, very nice, its been very exciting soo far, with 48 teams going to the next team i hope someone sees us as the worthy partner we can be and picks us :smiley: Good luck to all

after a very exciting and emotionally stressful canadian “SUPER” regional, i believe some thank yous and congratulations are in order.

to teams 33, 639, and 1112, congratulations on a well deserved win. you all earned it.

to team 1006, congratulations on the chairman’s award, from what i hear your entry was AMAZING. thank you for your support in the elims on saturday. the alliance could not have gotten as far as we did without you. excellent team and excellent machine.

and finally to team 1114, all i have to say is WOW. congratulations on topping field of 75 teams to be the number one seed and a well deserved quality award. you are truly a quality team. you are also perhaps the best alliance partner we have ever had and we showed it out on the field. we complimented each other so well and played to our strengths. i tihnk i can speak for the team when i say that we are looking forward to working with you not only in atlanta but in years to come. just remember, you’ve made some really good friends south of the border!


I just wanted to take a bit of time and extend my appreciation to 48’s drive team crew of Paco, Frank, and Pat. Your aggressive, accurate driving, your extremely fast and efficient bar hanging skills, and your pinpoint 5-point ball shooting (not to mention some great strategy from neifer48) have thrilled and excited many FIRST fans this year and helped create on of the most amazing series of elimination matches I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. I would also like to recognize my fellow engineering mentors and Team 48 students who worked so amazingly well together in such a compressed time to repair two robot issues during the latter stages of the elims and get xtremachen7 back on the field. It was the greatest feeling to see the arm and drivetrain spring back to life following those repairs. What a rush.

1114 and 1006 - we were honored to have been selected to work alongside such quality people and strong robots. As always, our Canadian friends made us feel more than welcome during our visit up north. Congrats to the winning teams on taking the Canadian Regional championship - both alliances played like champions, but in the end, there could only be one victor. It truly was a SUPER regional. Great job, everyone!

Does anybody remember who was awarded the Xerox Creativity Award?

I’m on 1141 and had to leave early (I stayed for us getting closely eliminated by 639 and their partner). As soon as I got home, I checked the internet on usfirst’s site, and I was surprised to see that we won it. I wanted to know what the guy said when we were presented with it, so I asked some of my teammates over MSN. Neither of them had any idea what I was talking about.

So, is this an error by the website guy, or are both my friends amnesiacs? It’s plausible that we won it, since we had a few people tell us that our bar-grabbing mechanism was very clever, but if neither of my friends remember winning it, then something wierd must have happened.

Edit: Here’s the link to the awards page:

And as of 11:04am on 04/04/04, the Xerox Creativity award went to:
Xerox Creativity Award
Sir Sandford Fleming College/Trent University/GE Canada, Inc. & Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School
Peterborough, ON Canada