Canadian teams I have a question for you

While not robot related, its automotive related, I’ve been asked if I can recommend an extrusion distributor/supplier in Alberta. Though I suspect any canadian distributor will do as all my usual US based companies have ridiculous shipping to Canada.

Thanks much!

Metal Supermarkets

Lots of options, good service, reasonable prices. They have a Calgary and Edmonton location.

Im not local to Alberta, so there may be others, but im very familiar with the Greater Toronto Area locations.

We have a metal supermarket in Calgary. The choice are limited. For example they only stock 6063 1"x 2" aluminium tube but no 6061. According to their website you can order online and delivered to you. Although the website said you can do local pickup, the Calgary store say they don’t do local pickup.
If you are looking for predrilled 1" x 2" 6061 you can order it from Vex Canada and the shipping will be cheaper than ordering it from vex usa. Problem is they might not have it in stock. Also call them even if the website said something is not in stock. They can tell you if that 's just because the website had not been updated.

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The OP is looking for non-robot related extrusions and says he is looking for a distributor/supplier rather than a retailer such as Metal Supermarket. A quick Google search “aluminum extrusions calgary” came up with several including Apel Extrusions and Extrude-A-Trim.