Canadians at the Nationals?

There are few teams that are signed up for the Nationals from Canada.
I was wondering if there are any more teams from Canada attending?

I believe Mowat (Team 783), that has an excellent robot, is going, but I’m sure many more odd-numbered teams from Canada will too. We’ll go if we can, however the likelyhood of that isn’t particularly high.

Not just a money issue either…

We are going. The only question is, how many banks will we have to rob?

I counted 4 Canadian teams on the team list for Nationals the other day. I think it’s awesome that Canadian teams are coming at all. But that’s jut me…Yeah, I’m American…

The Kinetic Knights (781) and WARP7 (865) faced a similar situation when they won with us last year. You might want to compare ‘emergency’ fundraising strategies with them.

Congrats, Mackenzie!

We have our plane tickets set along with our hotel booked. We will definately be there. But now with the opening of registration and the great Regional Winners, there will hopefully be more.


How will the Canadian teams be getting to the Championship? Is anybody driving like last year? :slight_smile:

We’ll be flying direct to Houston on Air Canada flight 688, on Wednesday, April 9th.

We would be going but the Iraq war has made things difficult.

We’ll drive… if we are able to go (we are on the waiting list :))

S.W.A.T. (team 771) will be going to the championship this year, so there will be a bunch of girls wearing kilts and blue t-shirts bringing a little extra spirit to the event. After our success in the Canadian Regional, we can’t wait to get back into action in Houston. We’ll be flying down on the 9th (7:20 flight on Air Canada I think). I hope to see you all there!! :smiley:

After our 24 hour bus ride to Florida last year we decided on flying. We are going to be flying out of Detroit early Wednesday morning (8:55 I think) on American Airlines I think.


We should have a Canadian party in houston, or maybe just a place for all canadian teams to chill out at the team party in Astroworld. I’m canadian myself but I currently reside in the states (NJ).

Hope to see you all in Houston in 9 days!

<aim: jpren2025>

Well we know Crescent [Us] and SWAT are at the Hyatt…

Two Canadian teams in one hotel …
and the playoffs :yikes:


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Team 75 is also staying at the Hyatt. See you all there!


783 Will be there.

We’re flying with Continental Airlines 7pmish on the 9th, direct to Houston from Toronto.

The hotel we’re at is in the Hyatt Regency (I beleive).

Thats 3 Canuck teams at the Hyatt! Watch out!


(psst: Everyone bring your Canada flags)

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whoa! 3 Canadian teams in the same hotel?!? rock on! I’ll do a little search for a canadian flag, though we’ve already been told by a bunch of teams to take the canadian flag off of our robot. So the chances of our teacher letting us bring an actual flag are slim to nill. We’ll probably just end up painting it on our face instead or something.

Our robot is plastered with Canadian Flags, and we have a few big, real, flags as well.

We did all that in Michigan, it went over really well. At one point on Saturday at the GLR we had an an entire section chanting ‘Go Canada!’ We were the only Canadians at the GLR.

Who all was telling you to take off your Canada stuff???

some people from a few different teams mentioned that we should remove it when we were at the Canadian Regional. A couple of my teachers have expressed their concern over it too. I don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal, so I’m hoping that we’ll be able to keep it on. Besides, that flag took us like 2 hours to cut and put on, so I have noooo desire to take it off!! :ahh:

The division list has been posted.

610 - Curie
771 - Archimedes
781 - Curie
783 - Galileo
854 - Archimedes
912 - Newton
1088 - Archimedes
1114 - Newton

<edit>See below. Simbotics was on the official FIRST list, but not the spreadsheet I was looking at. Thanks Dinush!</edit>

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