Canburglar Battle: 225 vs. 365 at Upper Darby

Here 'ya go:

MOE was down faster than us, but ultimately, we got the cans.

Wow, I thought for sure 365 got them then 225 stole them right out of their hands.

If you can’t tell from the video, MOE did land correctly on the inner can. (I’m the ref in the inspector hat standing behind them.) It came down to “hook” design. Well, 225’s isn’t really a hook, but theirs hit can’s hole and pushed the rim down, essentially popping out 365’s.

That was awesome to watch! I was lucky enough to be field side during that match game announcing and pulled out the slo-mo on the phone. Check out the footage here:

MOE does beat them to it but TechFire gets the grab!

Wow the difference seems like an eternity in slo-mo.

Sadly MOE knew we were going to miss as soon as our drivers left the field from setup. As some of you know, we precisely line up our arms before the match by lowering and testing them and moving the robot accordingly. In this match we lined everything up perfectly, and then a ref informed us that due to the fact that our back wheels were on the scoring platform, the top of our arms were overhanging into the landfill a few inches. They made us back our robot up, but we didn’t have enough time to realign the arms before the start of the match. It was still a great show, we just have to make sure to position everything properly next time.

See you at MAR 225! Congrats on the win yesterday.

Likewise, MOE. You all were formidable opponents and I had a great time playing both with (can I get a 188 point quals match?!) and against you. See you at MAR!

Here’s another shot from my perspective:

I’ll find out if we can get the high speed video from the guy in yellow at the scoring platform.

2x what Nathan said. I also hope that we can have a “quick draw” competition at the Duel!

Haha with all these different angles, we could probably even get this moment in bullet time. :smiley:

The slow motion also shows we missed both containers. It bounced out of the center container :]

I. Love. This.

As we move to District Championships this weekend in PNW and Indiana, and next weekend (FiM, MAR, NE) I hope we will see more of this brief moment where the alliances actually compete against each other, Robo a Robo.

Set your position. (Blue gets final say). Watch your “feet”.

Arc lengths, wingspans, and lever arms. Oh my!

It’s like the tip-off at the beginning of a basketball game.

I’m not sure how similar this instance is (since you had to move back, and it’s the only one I’ve seen in slow mo), but in case you were wondering, you guys have bounced other times. I don’t think it’s common, but I’ve seen it bounce off the lid and then resettle enough to pull it back. This all happens so fast. Of course, no one was moving the can at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, congrats to 433 for getting their can before 225’s second grab. I wonder what this would look like with two 2-can grabbers both racing down the field.

On practice day it would be fun to have “best of” like at all star games:
Slam dunk contest, home run derby, etc.
Can burglar race, highest tote stacker …

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Perhaps it would be better to wait until after the competition for this - it might not end well for the participants…

The anticipation of this autonomous was one of the highlights of a great competition event. There were lots of phones and cameras active during this one. :smiley:

Looking forward to more at MAR Champs and the World Championship!

Haha, I’m the guy in yellow! Here’s my link for my original post.

I can’t wait to see more of this too! This is going to be a whole new part of the game for us to experience.

I can confirm. :wink: A good 3/4 of the judges, as well as a mass of people clustered and leaning over them, were all recording.

When I posted that, I must have missed half of the thread :confused: I admit shame :]

225 Video from Upper Darby.