Canburglar Battle: 225 vs. 365 at Upper Darby

The can grab from MOE is here:

I was fortunate to have a front row seat to the most exciting 2 sec of the Upper Darby district, here is my video: (also a good shot of Nate taking his video)
I knew this was coming as soon as I saw 423 setup first in the middle (out of their usual position). I think the alternating setup ratcheted up the suspense. Congrats to Tech Fire, Fighting Robovikes, and Green MASHine on an impressive district win! (2nd for both 225 and 2607!)

As a driver from 423, I can say that the alliance’s drivers had a feeling that we would not be advancing due to our poor performance in the previous round, so we decided to have some fun. Not pictured in any of these videos was setting up the robots on the field. 433 Firebirds first set their robot opposite Tech Fire. When Tech Fire was done aligning themselves, the Firebirds moved to the other set of cans and MOE set up across from 225. Even though we didn’t win the quick draw, watching the faces of the Tech Fire drivers when they realized this would be a face-off was priceless.