CANCoder fuse on MPM and PDH

Just wondering about what fuse to use and just generally how I should optimally wire this.

Right now our 4 CANCoders from swerves are wired up going into a singular small port on the PDH through a 5 way wago with a 5A fuse. However due to additional hardware being added we need a few more itty bitty ports.

We plan on using a Mini Power Module however with no clue on how to correctly wire it. I’m sure it’s very simple but I just need a few pointers.

What should be the fuse for the wire of the MPM that is going into the PDH?
How should we wire the CANCoders on the MPM to be as optimal as possible? Should we stick with our 5 way wago on the MPM in one slot with the same 5A fuse or use one MPM slot for each CANCoder to ensure fair power for all? If the latter, what fuse should we use for each? I understand that they draw minimal power.
While we’re on the topic, what fuse should a Pigeon2.0 have?

Thanks in advance

Fuse protects the wire, not the device. CANCoders draw a max of 60mA per the specs posted here, so you should be able to use just about anything. 24AWG would be fine here. Just base your fuse size on whatever wire you choose. In all honesty, it’s such low current draw, it really doesn’t matter all that much what you choose as you’ll be nowhere near it anyway.

Just ensure the MPM is wired and fused appropriately to handle the sum of all loads attached to it. If that’s just 4 CANCoders, then it should be able to handle at least 240mA plus whatever (likely negligible) current the MPM itself might draw. Again, this is honestly minimal.

We are using 22 awg for the cancoders.
If say we used the MPM for the CANCoders wire with the wago method, a singular 5A at the MPM and a 20A at the PDH would be fine right?
Just make sure the sum of all fuses on the MPM is lower or equal of the PDH fuse?

Honestly, a 1A fuse for each CANcoder and a 5A for the MPM is likely overkill, but yes, what you described would be adequate.