CANCoder Issue

I would not use solid wire in a high vibration environment like an FRC robot. My go-to for that encoder would be the 24 AWG 19 strand UL1429 wire we use for all of our CAN, PWM, and sensor wiring. The irradiated PVC insulation tolerates soldering heat much better than the wire used in your photo.

Can you post a pic of the single board and the wiring on it? Ideally two pics of both sides of it?

Definitely odd behavior.

To me those still look like incomplete joints. It’s definitely hard to tell but I’d heat them up and apply just a touch more solder to each of your CANH and CANL connections. It’s definitely possible (though improbable) that you are making a connection between the two links but not to the encoder.

It’s possible there is something else happening here too. @Jacob_C - any tips for them here? Not sure what else would cause this blink pattern.

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Be sure you have a current version of Phoenix Tuner…

Check that you have termination on both ends of the CAN bus, and no where else (normally at the PDP and RIO).

The soldering isn’t excellent, and the type/size of wire might not be ideal – but the symptoms make me think there may be something else going on here, especially since all four are the same. Of course, it shouldn’t hurt to heat the solder joints up/add just a little fresh solder to try to improve them.

The issue we are having seems to be very similar. I am looking to see if you found a solution.

We have redone our wiring just to make sure already. We are currently trying to switch to a different roborio. We are out of ideas as to why a simple sensor will not show up on the can bus.

My problem was voltage. I looked at it 3 times and could have sworn it was in the 12v but it was in the 5v

Thank you, I will have them check… They checked at it was in 5v! THANK YOU!

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We are having the same issues with the Can Coders not showing up in the Phoenix Tuner. Checked the soldering and cleaned up any issues there. Dime blinking green light but nothing is in the Phoenix tuner to assign them an ID.