Cancoder not detecting CAN Signal

I have simplified the CAN bus wiring down to a few items for our swerve drive to try and figure out this issue. It Runs from RoboRIO → TalonFX → CanCoder → TalonFX → PDP. The Phoenix tuner picks up both Talon FX’s and the PDP but it does not pick up the CANCoder despite running through the soldered ports. The CANCoder is blinking the DIM Orange Color (Meaning it never received the Can Signal since Start up. Does anyone have any ideas for what could be the issue here?

Thank you.

Can we have a picture or a few of the wiring?

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I actually just got off a call with CTRE. It was wired using the 5V/500ma port on the VRM instead of the 12V/500ma port. It will light up but will not take a CAN signal. Switching to 12V fixed the issue.


I did the same thing. Looked at it 3 times and swore I was on the 12v

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