CANCoder strange values

Hello! My team is using the SDS mk4s, and I’m noticing some strange values when I have the CANCoders on, reading their absolute values, if I look at what they are when that start out, then I turn them manually around 90 degrees, the CANCoders only report a roughly .12 rad change, this is consistent across all steering motors, and also consistent within each motor (if I change and restart and remeasure, the difference and absolute measurements are them same), so I don’t think it has to do with the magnets being glued incorrectly or insufficiently (further, I inspected under the CANCoder housings and the magnets appear to be turning 1/1 with the steering shaft as expected. Any ideas? I’m monitoring the abs values with Tuner and Tuner X, as well as putting the values to the Shuffleboard in code, and they are all consistent.

Here’s one idea: The units conversion factor is set incorrectly for the units you want. See sensor coefficient


Ah yes, this was it, one of the team had accounted for the steering motors gear ratio, forgetting that the Encoder was 1:1 with the output. Thanks for the direction!

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