Cancoders for swerve drive wiring

We are building our first swerve drive. If we wire the canencoders to the pdp what fuse do we use? Also I have heard people mention wiring to the vrm. What would that look like? And any general pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can wire the power leads to a single port on the PDH you can use a small amperage breaker 5 to 15 Amp. Run a feeder set of 18 AWG wires out of the PDH, then combine and splice the CAN Coder power wires to the red and black leads from the PDH and you should be fine. The VRM is not a good idea since its supposed to be used to power the radio only.

You need 2 sets of 5 conductors spliced together (+ and -). One pair of (+,-) conductors to the PDP/PDH and the other 4 pairs to your CANcoders. Soldering picture and other help in this thread.

You can add another VRM for them but our team has never seen a need for it; the range is quite wide Supply Voltage 6-16V

These 5-pole Wago lever nuts are another option for making a 5-way splice for power. We’ve never had a wire slip out of these connectors.

Max current draw of each CANcoder is 60mA, so all four can be connected to either a 12V 2A or 12V 500mA port on a CTRE VRM (not used for the radio) or a REV mini power module port with a <=10A fuse.

If your CANcoders have default 22awg power wiring or you’ve wired them with 22awg, I’m not sure it’s legal to wire them straight to a breaker-protected port on a PDH or PDP. I don’t think 5A breakers are available for those distribution panels.

You can definitely get 5A breakers for the PDH and PDP, you just need to use the ones from the PDP: 5 Amp Snap Action Breaker - AndyMark, Inc

Do the Andy mark breakers work in the rev pdp

Just the 40A ones i believe, others are too small

It’s the opposite: Breakers below 40A will fit fine, but the PDH won’t fit MAXI size breakers like the Snap-Action 40A breaker.

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Oops, my bad. Had a brain fart.