Cancoders periodically blink red

Our MK4 modules cancoders periodically blink red once while blinking green. We haven’t noticed any ill effect on our swerve due to this yet though.

Our canbus utilization is 74%.

Check the manual for status light meaning. My guess is it’s an intermittent CAN failure.

I agree with this but I am not sure how to go about fixing that.

Our normal CAN troubleshooting usually involves isolating the problematic device (so the only things on the CAN bus are the RIO, the problematic device, and the terminator-usually the PDP).

Usually an issue with wiring if it’s a CAN failure.

The other thing to watch out for on a CAN-Coder is the distance between the magnet and the sensor, I know if the distance is a little too far it goes from green to orange so it might be related to that too? Just a thought.

Tug test and wiggle every can connection and see if CAN fails.

If everything is normal, it isn’t CAN.

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