Candidly Speaking: 2019 Medals, FRC Trainwrecks 8:30pm ET w/Giveaway

Catch Candidly Speaking tonight at 8:30pm ET

Topics: 2019 FRC Medals
New segment: Train Wrecks in FIRST History
Open Comments and Questions

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After stream: FUN Time! Marbles on stream with giveaways. if you didn’t get a chance to check out our test of this.

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Another great turnout last night! Thank you to everyone who watched live and played some marbles on stream with us after :slight_smile:

Here’s the archived segments of last nights show:

FUN Candidly Speaking Ep 015 2019 FRC Medals
FUN Candidly Speaking Ep 015 FRC Train Wreck FiM is NOT FIRST
FUN Candidly Speaking Ep 015 Random Stories and Q&A

Cool(?) to see one of my posts pop up on the screen during the Train Wreck segment… I have a feeling you could do an entire show on dumb things I’ve said.

“Stupid things people said in a thread about a potential Minnesota District” is practically its own genre now.

4 Posts before MN… is this a new record?