CANifier Integrated PID control?

We are working on a control system for our shooter hood, and decided to hook up the mag encoder to the CTRE Canifier. We are also running a continuous servo to actuate our hood angle. We might want to hook up the servo and limit switches to one of the PWM outputs for positioning.

Right now, the control is done on the RoboRio. I don’t think the canifier has PID controls.

First of all, do the rules allow the hood servo to be controlled with the Canifier? And second, can the firmware on the Canifier be modified to add integrated PID controls? Or would CTRE be able to add that as a feature?

You can’t attach a servo to a CANifier as described in R31.

R31. Servos must be connected to, and only to, one of the following:
A. PWM PORTS on the roboRIO
B. PWM PORTS on a WCP Spartan Sensor Board (P/N: WCP-0045)
C. REV Robotics Servo Power Module (P/N: REV-11-1144)

Edit: You could still control the signal via the CANifier and utilize the REV servo module

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