CANivore/Phoenix Pro SysId Testing

Hello everyone!

I currently have a fork of SysId that implements CANivore and Phoenix Pro.
This allows users to specify a CANivore CAN bus for their Phoenix v5/Pro devices, and adds support for Phoenix Pro devices, including Talon FX with FOC.

However, I haven’t been able to test everything in this fork yet, as this is something I’ve been doing outside of work. Anyone able to perform hardware tests with CANivore or Phoenix Pro would be greatly appreciated. Likewise, anyone able to review the PR for potential bugs or determining what may be the cause of any known issues would also be appreciated, as this is a relatively complex PR that touches many components of SysId that I’m not intimately familiar with.

Aside from a known issue where the analysis gains are off by a factor of 12 (likely a voltage vs percentage bug somewhere), I believe this PR is basically complete. Any testing or reviews that firm that belief up makes this PR closer to getting merged and available to the general public, so please give it a go if you’re able to!

If you’d like some data to perform analysis on, I’ve attached the data of the run in the screenshot above, available here:
sysid_phoenixpro_data.json (861.3 KB)